Jumping into Journalism

“Jumping into Journalism: The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job in News” uses real life experiences to help aspiring and budding journalists launch successful careers. Through six chapters, Shay Simon gives a behind-the-scenes look into her journey from an intern at the local and network level to the launch of her career as an anchor in a top 100 market. Filled with tips and exercises, it allows for an interactive reading experience. “Jumping into Journalism” is a must read that fills in the gap between college classrooms and the reality of the news industry.

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Topics Covered In The Book


How to prepare for the internship of your dreams, the process of landing it and how to perform as an intern


How to position yourself in the application process to land the best position for you

Resumé/ Reel

Gathering the goods to land your next news gig


How to navigate uncomfortable money conversations to get a seat a table or create your own


The look, the walk and the talk


Squeezing every last drop out of each job, internship and opportunity

About the Author

Shay Simon

Shay Simon is the epitome of hard work paying off. Persistent and driven, she’s creating her own path in the journalism industry quickly. In the first year of her career, she earned a promotion from reporter to weekend anchor. Simon works everyday to overcome obstacles and tell compelling stories that matter. In her highly anticipated book, Simon takes us on her journey from an audacious intern to an anchor. Using her real life experience from the early stages of her career, she hopes to help aspiring journalists launch successful careers.  

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Day in the life: Promoted to Weekend Anchor

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